Tortured Souls Series

Tortured Souls - The Complete Series

Tortured Souls - The Complete Series

Come follow the stories of Devlin Limmerick, Victor Blackburn and Charles Moore – three pirates bound in friendship while serving on the notorious ship, The Bloody Mary. Each man battles his own demons and suffers a tortured soul. So it stands to reason that only women who suffer their own tortured existence are capable of truly seeing the worth of each man beneath his stony exterior. These courageous women will face their men and provide exactly what each longs for in his hour of need. Grace … Mercy … and Hope.

Devil’s Cove: When a blind medium is hired by a notorious pirate to help him explore Devil’s Cove Manor and exact revenge on his enemies, they’re swept up in a storm of intrigue and passion.

Blackburn Castle: Cursed to die on his 27th birthday, a pirate kidnaps the one witch capable of of breaking the curse, only she has no intention of helping him – the man who killed her mother. 

River Road: When a pirate and voodoo priestess must lift a deadly curse on those they love, do they dare let a relationship blossom amid danger?