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R.C. Matthews enjoys writing contemporary romances that are light-hearted and fun because she loves watching romantic comedy movies that make her laugh out loud. Some of her all time favorite romantic comedies include: Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, 27 Dresses, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, The Wedding Planner, Legally Blonde, and Sweet Home Alabama. R.C. Matthews has always wanted to write a historical romance and finally did so with her new ‘Tortured Souls’ gothic romance series.

Keep an eye out for the following books in process:

'Tis The Season

I’m working on a collection of short stories with my critique partner, Sawyer Belle. This is the first book I’ve ever collaborated on with another author, so I’m really excited. Each short story will be centered around the magic of love at Christmas: all forms of love – not just ‘romance’. ‘Tis The Season to show our love for friends … family … and even strangers.Take note of the cute red scarf snuggled around the lovebirds on the cover, it’ll find it’s way into every story. We hope you’ll enjoy this celebration of the holiday spirit and end each story with an audible ….aaawww! 

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Ticket to Love

A Cedar Falls Love Story 

After only one year on the police force, I’m already eyeing my first promotion, despite the fact my parents and all four older brothers are disappointed that I chose not to be the seventh generation Stone to run our family B&B. Not to mention writing tickets, keeping the peace, and arresting criminals is hard on your love life. 

That’s why I went for Don: he’s smoking hot and just passing through town. Our evening between the sheets was perfect … until it wasn’t. Turns out my one-night stand is actually my best friend’s wedding planner, and he’s hanging out in Cedar Falls for the next three months, meeting with my friends, negotiating deals, looking at houses, and oh—he’s also the main suspect in my first police investigation. The case I must solve to become a detective. And the crux of it all? I’m falling head over heels for the guy.

I’ve dreamed my whole life of this promotion. I thought I’d never find love. Now I’m afraid I might lose both.

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This will be the first book in a small town series. Welcome to Cedar Falls, Michigan, a fictional coastal town founded by the Stone family in the mid-1800’s. With apple orchards on the gorgeous peninsula, two amazing ship wrecks off the coast, a beautiful state forest nearby, and plenty of quaint B&B’s to choose from, this small town is a tourist’s dream come true. Even as people flock to the pristine beaches of Lake Michigan off Cedar Fall’s shores, the Stone family is determined to protect their historic downtown and carry on their city’s traditions. With Malcolm Stone leading the city council, Lance Stone serving as the mayor, Brendan Stone presiding over the courthouse, Nathan Stone taking over as principal of the high school, and Kristy Stone joining the police force, there isn’t much that goes on in the town without the Stone family’s influence. 

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Auction to Love

A Cedar Falls Love Story

Spearheading the family’s apple orchard business isn’t easy, but Malcolm Stone welcomes the challenge. It’s his duty as the eldest child and he takes his responsibilities seriously. So when the land neighboring the apple orchid goes up for bid and offers an opportunity for expansion, he is front and center on the auction floor. But so is Susie Moore. She’s gorgeous and sweet and full of ridiculous plans to build the first upscale resort in Cedar Falls. Not if he has anything to say about it!

Susie Moore has finally located the perfect property for a resort that will make her father finally take notice and be proud to hand over the reins to the family business. The coastal town of Cedar Falls is quaint and picture perfect. But the town is also run by the Stone family. She may have won the auction for the land to build her dream resort, but getting approval from the city to use the land for her intended purpose is a whole different ballgame.  And it starts with getting on Malcolm’s sweet side.

When big city girls clash with small town alpha males, the sparks are sure to fly.

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The Secrets of Chateau Swansea

1889, Swansea England

After being rescued from a white slaver’s ship bound for South Africa when she was a girl of five years of age, Miss Maribeth Sommerset has never quite fit in with society. Her sordid past may keep the suitors at bay, but she is a highly prized asset of the English crown. With an uncanny ability to communicate with the dead, Miss Maribeth travels from coast to coast, piecing together unsolvable mysteries with her God-given talent. Nothing stays hidden from her for long … except the secrets of her own dark past. 

When the mistress of Chateau Swansea falls to her death from a second floor balcony, Miss Maribeth is summoned to the scene of the crime. The former owner of the estate was a renowned clairvoyant and reputedly haunts the estate. Is the ghost of Constance Davies killing the inhabitants of her home in a fit of jealousy or is someone else foul afoot? Before Miss Maribeth solves the mystery, another body turns up dead. Can she uncover the secrets of Chateau Swansea before the murderer strikes once more?    

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