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R.C. Matthews enjoys writing contemporary romances that are light-hearted and fun because she loves watching romantic comedy movies that make her laugh out loud. Some of her all time favorite romantic comedies include: Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, 27 Dresses, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, The Wedding Planner, Legally Blonde, and Sweet Home Alabama. R.C. Matthews has always wanted to write a historical romance and finally did so with her new ‘Tortured Souls’ gothic romance series.

Keep an eye out for the following books in process:


I have this gothic storyline wriggling in my brain and ready to come out soon. Just look at that cover! It’s going to be so much fun to write.

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Auction to Love

A Cedar Falls Love Story

Spearheading the family’s apple orchard business isn’t easy, but Malcolm Stone welcomes the challenge. It’s his duty as the eldest child and he takes his responsibilities seriously. So when the land neighboring the apple orchid goes up for bid and offers an opportunity for expansion, he is front and center on the auction floor. But so is Susie Moore. She’s gorgeous and sweet and full of ridiculous plans to build the first upscale resort in Cedar Falls. Not if he has anything to say about it!

Susie Moore has finally located the perfect property for a resort that will make her father finally take notice and be proud to hand over the reins to the family business. The coastal town of Cedar Falls is quaint and picture perfect. But the town is also run by the Stone family. She may have won the auction for the land to build her dream resort, but getting approval from the city to use the land for her intended purpose is a whole different ballgame.  And it starts with getting on Malcolm’s sweet side.

When big city girls clash with small town alpha males, the sparks are sure to fly.

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'Tis The Season

I’m working on a collection of short stories with my critique partner, Sawyer Belle. This is the first book I’ve ever collaborated on with another author, so I’m really excited. Each short story will be centered around the magic of love at Christmas: all forms of love – not just ‘romance’. ‘Tis The Season to show our love for friends … family … and even strangers.Take note of the cute red scarf snuggled around the lovebirds on the cover, it’ll find it’s way into every story. We hope you’ll enjoy this celebration of the holiday spirit and end each story with an audible ….aaawww! 

Cover art by RLSather at

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