Book 1: Wish Come True Series

Date Night

Date Night

A Romantic Comedy Novel!

Ever since Jordan Billette’s father, Jeremy, died unexpectedly when she was eight years old, Jordan and her paternal grandmother (“Grannie”) have shared a special bond by creating a tribute to Jeremy: a scrapbook that documents the important milestone of Jordan’s life from her first report card with letter grades, to her first kiss, to graduating from college.

Upon graduating from college only one significant milestone remains; her wedding day. When Grannie is diagnosed with aggressive cancer, she makes one dying wish to Jordan. Grannie wants to watch Jordan walk down the aisle. Not engaged? Not even dating? No problem. Grannie has a plan. She signs Jordan up for a dating service – dinner dates twice per week will surely turn up a soul mate!

JT Murphy has been best friends with Jordan’s older brother Jared since they were in diapers. Grannie wisely insists Jordan meet her dates at the restaurant where JT waits tables. Jordan needs protection from unworthy jerks! JT is more than happy to help; Jordan is like a sister to him. So why does her smile light up his evening whenever he sees her and why is he noticing that she has curves in all the right places? As the wedding draws near…JT wonders if it’s his heart that needs protecting…from the pain of potentially losing Jordan forever.


  • For once a story about a brother’s best friend and the little sister getting together, but with no long standing crush on either side. It was really great to see two people with a long history as being strictly friends, begin to see each other in a new light. 
  • I loved this book! I laughed out loud, I cried (with tears), but most of all, I had FUN! 
  • This was a great, light hearted, love story.
  • I usually read romantic suspense. But sometimes it is necessary for me to take a break and read a light romance. Date Night was a WONDERFUL surprise!
  • This is what I like to call a “feel-good” book.

Top 5 finalist in the RomCon Reader’s Choice Awards 2015 for contemporary romance category!