A Fairy Tale Romance

Tangled Web

Tangled Web

She longs for love … but what she finds is an impossible choice.

After being cursed to live for eternity as a spider, Ariana gifts the love goddess a dress spun from moonbeams, earning the chance to exchange her silk web for a silk dress. But time is rapidly slipping away. If she doesn’t fall in love before her magical spool of silk runs out, she’ll land in a grave instead of a sticky web.

When a dashing prince and his equally handsome commander vie for her hand, her heart is torn. One man can offer her a simple life full of love. The other man can make her dreams come true–but at a cost that may be too high to pay.

Ariana expected the choice between two men to break the curse, not her heart.

Tangled Web is a fairytale romance inspired by Greek mythology’s story of the goddess Athena’s curse on the master weaver Arachne.

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  • The characters are delightful and the pacing is perfect.
  • A beautiful fairy tale love story. Lots of colorful characters. Well written.
    I could not put it down.
  • Entertaining, well-written, and offers a sweet romance.