Wish Come True Series

Wish Come True Series

All covers in the Wish Come True Series were designed by Melody Simmons of eBookIndieCovers.com and the books edited by Nas Dean.

The Wish Come True Series is a four-book series that centers around a grandmother’s wish to see her grandchildren happily married before cancer takes her away.

The series is funny, whimsical and ends with a happily ever after for all three grandchildren. It’s a nice mixture of romance, chic literature and women’s fiction as Grannie plays a key role throughout the series. If you love meddling grandmothers, then you’re going to want to read this series.

I laughed a lot while writing this series and I sincerely hope you will too. Don’t take it too seriously – it’s a feel good series – so give yourself permission to suspend belief and simply enjoy!

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