Spring of Beimeni Series

Spring of Beimeni Series

If you love fairy tale retellings, then embrace the Spring of Beimeni series: an epic saga centered around the fountain of youth woven into four classic fairy tales:

Beastly Knight - A unique but dark retelling of the classic Beauty and the Beast. When General Derek Tate claims the fountain of youth for his selfish queen, the gods thrust the lands into eternal winter and curse the general as Death for eternity unless he can successfully woo the White Witch, also known as Life. 

Exiled Queen - A fantastical retelling of the classic Snow White. When Adam Tate discovers that his childhood crush Whitney is still alive but hiding in Devilwood Forest from the queen, he reluctantly trains Whitney for battle so she can lead the Red Insurrection, reclaim her throne, and help Death relinquish the fountain of youth to the gods.   

Wicked Godmother - A twisted retelling of the classic Cinderella. What if Prince Charming wasn't charming, and Cinderlla's godmother was evil rather than good? When the Red Insurrection seeks asylum in the Kingdom of Beacham to grow their army, Prince Marcus hatches a plan with the commoner Elaine to kill Death at the spring ball, giving both the vengeance they seek - even if doing so results in the queen hoarding the fountain of youth and eternal winter returning to the lands.  

Black Wolf - A peculiar yet engrossing retelling of Red Riding Hood. What if the wolf's deceptive actions were fraught with good intentions? With the Red Insurrection falling apart, deception is the only way to defeat the queen. But can the Black Wolf deceive the queen's lady-in-waiting long enough to carry out the Red Insurrection's plans and still hold her affections?