Erotic Romance

Who Needs Love?

Who Needs Love?

A Cyborg Erotic Romance!

My cyborgs are a galactic sensation. Human relations are out. Cyborg lovers are in. Everyone wants one … except me. 

I’m Natalie Naughty—Sexy Scientist Extraordinaire—and I delivered the man and woman of your dreams. Jack and Jackie are smoking hot, naked, and programmed to please. I would know because I tested them myself from February through December. 

But now all I can think about is the feel of my computer programmer’s lips on mine under the mistletoe. The caress of his hands against my exposed skin. The warmth of his body permeating the thin silk of my dress. What is he feeling? Thinking? Wishing? Dreaming? I have no idea. Mark Matters is human. I can’t program his thoughts. Or make him say the words I want to hear. And that’s sexy as hell. 

I want him all for myself. But am I too late to this game called love?

Author’s Note: This book was originally published in a three book series of (1) Who Needs Love?, (2) Light My Fire!, and (3) Mistletoe Magic under the pseudonym Vickie Valentine. The story is a romantic comedy set in 6969. Give yourself permission to suspend disbelief and laugh out loud at Natalie’s and Mark’s antics!


  • Talk about a 5 minute read that packs a punch?! The characters were funny and witty even without having much of a background or look into them. The story was interesting and different. [Goodreads – pseudonym Vickie Valentine]
  • Perfect for a short story! Hot, cute and made me chuckle. I hope this isn’t the only story from Naughty Natalie. [Goodreads – pseudonym Vickie Valentine]
  • This a wonderful, sexy short read. I recommend this fun story!  [Goodreads – pseudonym Vickie Valentine]