Book 1: Spring of Beimeni Series

The Deadly Knight Rises

The Deadly Knight Rises

She runs from me at every turn… But I will always find her. 

I am Death but cannot be killed. I’m alive, but the flesh has rotted from my bones. This is the price I paid for invincibility. With that curse came eternal winter over all the lands and the bitter chill of life without the simple act of human touch … until Linora Beckett stumbled into my arms and didn’t die. I want her. But to have her, I must betray my queen, chase my temptress across the kingdom, and fend off those who would harm her. As if that wasn’t impossible enough, I must woo her to my bed.

His rotting corpse is a mirror of his soul… But our union could save all humankind.

I am Life but I feel dead inside. All I’ve ever wanted is to blend in with society, but people call me the White Witch and stare at me with mistrust. I didn’t ask for my gifts or the notice of the queen. She wants me to break the curse of eternal winter, but to do so, I must mate with Death of my free will.

Our child will bring a new dawn or thrust our kingdom into its darkest hour yet. But can I give myself to the one being incapable of love?  

The Deadly Knight Rises is the captivating first book in the Spring of Beimeni fairy tale series. If you love high-stakes adventure and slow-burn romance, then you’ll love R.C. Matthews’ dark fairy tale.

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